The internet is an interconnected network of millions of computers communicating with each other, for instance where you will find Google, Microsoft, Facebook and the likes. Wi-Fi is one of the connectivity methods to the internet. WiFi is technology that allows wireless electronic devices to connect to each other or a local Wi-Fi access point that is in range. This local access point is, in turn, hardwired to that network of networks we call the Internet. Wireless devices include your smartphone, tablet, laptop, smart TVs, CCTV camera systems and many more!

Absolutely not, we assist with new fibre, ADSL and LTE connections and installations. We help with new solutions as well as existing connections, old technology and devices you might already have in place. We offer a complete and comprehensive solution for all your internet and WiFi connectivity needs.

WiFi extenders, also known as WiFi repeaters, are used to extend the coverage area of your WiFi network. They work by receiving your existing WiFi signal, amplifying it, and then resending the boosted signal. The purpose of a WiFi Extender is to improve your WiFi signal where it is weak or unreliable and eliminate or minimise ‘dead zones’ in your home or office environment. It is important to note that they have to be within rang of the existing signal else it will not work.

Wi-Fi6 is the next-generation wireless standard that’s faster than 802.11ac. More than speed, it will provide better performance in congested areas, from stadiums to your own device-packed home. With this phenomenal technology, you can expect speed increases as much as 40%. Yes, we most definitely offer WiFi6 Certified products! Existing products can NOT be upgraded to Wi-Fi 6 as it is a new chip set.

We recommend at least one access point (AP) per floor. The reason for this is that access points have a good range in a horizontal plane, but generally speaking, the concrete between floors hampers the signal. We offer the latest cutting edge devices that can be used to overcome this hurdle!

We conduct an on-site assessment of your home or office and discuss the options available to you. We do not believe in a cookie-cutter approach of one solution fits all.  For all our Wi-Fi installations, we only use the latest cutting-edge technology and devices that are both discreet and attractive to the eye. When you contact us regarding your WiFi needs you can rest assured that you will be provided with a solution that best fits your unique needs and equally as important, your budget.

When we do a WiFi installation, we follow these simple steps:

  • You call us and schedule a free onsite assessment for a date and time that is convenient for you!
  • We dispatch a professional,  highly trained and certified WiFi guru to your premises to do an in-depth assessment of your requirements.
  • We discuss our findings with you and go over all the options and solutions that will address your requirements.
  • Upon accepting our quotation, we will arrange an installation date and time that again is at your best convenience.
  • We dispatch our technical installation team and connection experts to carry out the installation and all required technical network connections. We test and re-test all connections ensuring the solution meets your requirements.
  • You enjoy perfect WiFi coverage
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