Online Parental Control

Why is Online Parental Control important? We always answer this question the same, “because it keeps your closest ones safe!”

Our innovative and easy to use Parental Control app and software allows you to:

  • Filters access to websites, based on the age of each child.
  • Decide which apps your children can use, and when.
  • Check where your children’s devices are at any time.

The Parental Control app lets you help your little ones to navigate online in a safe way! Manage what apps and websites they use, and decide – together – what’s good for them. It also lets you see where your children are, and send messages directly to their device screens.

Application Guard

Use age-based filters to manage which apps your children can and cannot access.

Child Locator

Check the devices’ current location at any time via the app in Parent mode

Web Guard

Block age-inappropriate websites and website categories, while allowing your children to enjoy child-friendly sites

Fun & Games time limits and budget

Decide when your children can play on their devices. Set time limits, and allow exceptions that your children can request.

Parental Message

Send your children messages which they must acknowledge before they can continue to use their devices.

Other features include:

List of most visited domains

  • Shows the top-visited websites for the last 7 days.

Monitoring-only mode for websites

  • Don’t want to block content right away? Activate the monitoring mode and receive reports on the websites the child visits.


  • Provide a detailed summary of each of the children’s device usage and online activities for the last 30 days.

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Source: Eset Security

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